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L’aventure musicale de Somepling a commencé d’une façon très traditionnelle, en apprenant la musique et à jouer de différents instruments. Après s’être amusé au sein de différents groupes en tant que batteur, c’est grâce à l’ordinateur familial dans les années 90 que les choses se révèlent, en découvrant l’art du sampling en “empruntant” des fragments sonores issus de différentes sources (CD, K7, microphone…). Très éclectique dans ses écoutes, c’est malgré tout le hip hop qui aura une grande influence et particulièrement DJ Shadow dont les œuvres donneront à Somepling l’envie de raconter ses propres histoires musicales. Depuis, sa musique est nourrie par des samples de nombreuses sources, et se renouvelle naturellement.
Impassioned with music since my very youth, I learned music the traditional way, playing different instruments. The rest of the story was traditional too, I played drums for fun in different bands, and I had the frustrating feeling that each time, the same thing happened. I wanted to control every instruments, like a conductor in orchestras. Being unable to make it happen in a band, I logically decided to move on and experiment new things with the help of a computer. At the end of the 90s, the family home computer became the way of creating songs, laboriously sampling from diverse sources (CD, K7, microphone…). “Windat” and a basic recorder in the computer allowed me, on a cut’n paste basis, to build new tracks, by “stealing” (borrowing) fragments and pieces of sound. I just understood what sampling was. At that time, I was feeding my ears eclectically, without style or genre limit. Of course, Hip-Hop as a whole was influencing me, but more specifically, it was DJ Shadow’s work that made me want to tell my own stories with music. Then, in 2002, I bought my first sampler, a Roland SP-303. Just one year later, I used all my savings to buy a new sampler to replace the previous one, I bought an Akai MPC 2000XL. With this brand new sampler, possibilities seemed to be endless… Sampling sound quality was great. Since then, I’ve always kept this machine, and I’ve spent all my spare time working on tracks, out of sight and sound… My music feeds off samples from different sources, and it naturally renews itself.